Monday, March 20, 2017

Different Strokes For Some Day Folks

They say things come in threes. The past six months stayed true to form. Three strokes felt by three different people every couple of months. It was like strokes became Number 1 on Oprah’s Favorite List and she was handing them out to everybody, myself included.

February 10, 2017 I was rushed to the emergency room. My left arm, both legs, neck and face tingled like those bits had fallen asleep and refused to wake up. My chest ached. The room spun. Though I could speak it was slow. They ran me through so many tests that by Sunday they couldn’t run any more because the dye used in the CT and MRI scans had ravaged my kidneys. But that is okay, the diagnosis was confirmed.

Some time in the past I had suffered one or two silent strokes. They couldn’t tell exactly how many because there are two places in my brain that have scar tissue. There is no way to determine if those occurred at the same time or not. The next bit of info makes me feel like Wolverine.

The small vetebral artery in my neck that connects to the main banch in the brain had burst, scarred over, and created a bypass all on its own. With my bizarre sense of humor am I more like Deadpool?

These events have led me to stop saying the phrase, “Some day”. As in “Some day I’ll own a Mustang convertible” or “Some day we’ll take the kids to Disneyland” and “Some day I’ll finish writing the next great American novel”.

Well, I’ve got the Mustang.

We are planning our trip to Disney.

And I am back on the keyboard. My eyes are open. There is no “Some day”. There is “Today”.

What is your “Some day”?


  1. Holy cow! That is quite a story - glad you're OK. Nice to meet you, by the way - found you in Link Your Life group.
    Some day for me used to be "Someday I'll be thin and then I can have nice clothes." Pfft. I deserve to look nice now, no matter what size. So I do. And it feels great. I also used to say "Someday maybe I'll try being a writer." I left my teaching job over two years ago and yeah, I'm a writer. Not making a fortune yet, of course, but living the dream, as they say. Scary as anything, but I couldn't be happier.
    May you continue to heal and be well!

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    2. Thank you, Lisa. There is no time like the present. As you can see in my picture I'm not the skinniest person. Heck, I'm a hundred pounds overweight (stupid thyroid) but with today's fashion that won't stop mr from looking good. And anyone who thought they could get rich writing should realize we can't all be J.K. Rowling or Stephen King. Live joyfully. Money can't buy love. We love the written word, the story. I look forward to reading yours.