Sunday, September 4, 2016

Words From The Wise To Your Ears

For awhile now I have been speaking about staying true to your, breaking your glass ceiling, and what it takes to make your dreams into a reality. This week I will be taking this first steps to take my independent publishing ways and building a boutique publishing house. While it is easy to dispense advice it can be hard to listen to one's own told-you-so's.

To help us all I have a video from The Pursuit*. I figure hearing expert words of wisdom from multiple sources will help us both. I love to learn something new every day. As they will mention in this video it is a good thing to do either way. 
Please leave your comments or suggestions below. I look forward to what you thought of today's post. I realize it is extremely different that my normal blogs. Thank you.

 ~Colleen Tews

 *I do not own copyright to the youtube video The Pursuit: Expert Advice on How To Get Started on Your Dream. Nor did I place the video for the public on youtube. I highly recommend looking them up on youtube or following them via iTunes.



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