Thursday, August 25, 2016

This Year's Direction With You

I have always been an advocate for dreams coming true, but some of my characters may wish that weren’t true. Thanks to your votes the next year will be a busy one for sleepyheads.

This Halloween we will see the prequel to Dream Prophet with Dream Prophet: Awakening. It will be a FREE novella available via Kindle. I will look into other digital outlets and keep you informed as things progress. This goes for the cover, Facebook parties, and twitter chats. Rhianne Leto’s origin story will be available October 15th, 2016.

Next comes the first full Dream Prophet novel in the spring of 2017. We will take the origin story and kick Rhianne Leto’s dreams and kick the nightmares, werewolf butt-kicking, and romantic interludes to the next level. After all, no one can escape their dreams; it’s all in their heads, right?

As the 2017 summer heat comes so too does the hot, long awaited Virus Within. The second novel in the Shadow Faith Series will be action packed, sexier than the first, and delves further into the abyss.

For those of you who have not read the first five star reviewed Birth of a Vixen I have one question…What are you waiting for? I would hate to post spoilers. I’ll be promoting Virus Within and you’ll be like “Whaaaaaaaat!?!”

Last, but not least, the Halloween Special Campaign was so much fun that I plan on doing it again next year. That’s right. A free novella every Halloween, voted by you, for you.

Please leave any comments or suggestions below. I look forward to hearing what you think. Links to Birth of a Vixen is provided above should wish you purchase a paperback or ebook. My website link is provided, too, should you wish to keep up-to-date or join my newsletter. Thank you. 

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