Monday, August 29, 2016

How To Break Your Glass Ceiling

There is always talk about breaking glass ceilings, particularly when discussing women in the work place. What about your personal glass ceiling? The limits we put on ourselves. Whether from our own negative thoughts, emotions, or physical restraints, let us not forget those that we let other place upon us. How do we break the confines our own gilded cages? Persistence. Perseverance. Patience.

 Persistence will take you to the edge of the ceiling. You will look upon the tips and look beyond to your dreams and aspirations that lay beyond. Do not ignore the negative comments of others but embrace them as fuel. They will ignite your fire. For one cannot have only positivity in their life. They will be off balance and fall. You need both the yin and the yang. If all you did were succeed then there would be no glass ceiling to break, nothing to learn from, and nothing to appreciate.

Perseverance gives you the strength to hold on the edge when you want to drop off. On those days when you want to grab a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough, crawl under the blanket, and watch a marathon of Outlander (instead of reading the books because you’re that tired and let’s face it Sam Heughan is HOT) this virtue enables you to punch through the roof. Shattering the pieces into a million and one shards. You will soar over the remains of the glass ceiling, remembering why it was made of glass in the first place, that it was made to be broken by you, and make your dreams real.

Patience is the best of the three. Be gentle with yourself. Rome was not built in a day. Yes, you have a dream, but it takes hundreds of people to make that dream a reality. I wrote a book. I published though Kindle, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. I do not own Kindle. I cannot make people read it. I cannot make publishers share it, promote it, review it, market it, shove it down people’s throat and then force them to leave a review! No, I am patient. I am diligent. As an independent author I have to do all this myself. Nowadays if the big publishers published me I would still have to do all this by myself, too. No matter what your dream you must be patient. One step at a time, don’t bombard yourself with having to do everything at once. Make a list. Start slow. Work with what you know to what you don’t know. Sounds weird, but you will soon discover what you do not know when you realize what you.

Remember there is a reason it is called a “glass ceiling” it is made to be broken. Be persistent and you will persevere with a little patience.

Please leave any comments or suggestions below. I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thank you.

~Colleen Tews


  1. It's a time developed thing, it's a trait gained through practice.

    1. Through mindfulness you can train yourself early to learn these virtues and start your path at any time in your life.