Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thin Line of Perception

There is a thin line between fantasy and reality. I know because from personal experience. When you break down the facts of what we see, what we hear, verses what we believe the truth is nothing matters but our perception.

Magic is science. Science is magic. Electrons firing. Sparks igniting throughout the universe with a cause and affect, press a key and something happens across the globe. Say a magic word and the universe bends to your will three fold.

Faith is religion. Religion is faith based. There is a catch on that one. There in lies the perception. It is the chicken and the egg. I have faith, but I do not believe in organized religion. (I do not condemn any religion. I give huge kudos to any who practice their religion, their faith, peacefully. More power to them.) To me my faith is my religion. It gives me strength. I pray. I meditate. I accept I am part of a greater power that connects us all within the universe. It is my perception.

Faith, magic, science, religion, they are one in the same for me. They are fantasy and reality rolled into one. Some aspects of all can be proven, while others are theories, myths, or great stories. Either way they make my heart sing.

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