Monday, April 6, 2015

Vacations Are Good For The Soul.

We remember to take vacation days from our jobs. As writers it is hard to take a vacation from writing because you can't escape your thoughts. Or so I thought.

Last month consisted of so many ups and downs I couldn't bring myself to write. My brain went on autopilot. I got up, caught up on the DVR list, took care of the munchkins, went to my day job and slept. Aside from a brilliant interview with S. Evan Townsend I did nothing for my writing career.

The upside to escaping the world, even those you created, is discovering other writers' universes. I read and read and read. I have a book in every room of my house and I've read, if not the whole book, three-fourths of a dozen books.

This hiatus rejuvenated my writing. It jumped started storylines I might never have conjured up. It's my cure for writers block. What's yours?

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