Monday, February 2, 2015

I ♡ my phone.

Technology and me have never gotten along. I figured out what I needed to know, learned it well, then forgot how it actually worked. I have a computer, a preowned laptop that randomly switches to German, the Samsung 3 Tablet and the creme de la creme Samsung S4. Sure, it's last years model but it inspired this post. I love my phone.

It's a pretty little thing, white with a purple case. The last three blog posts were done via the phone I named Writer's Friend. When I have my tablet I choose the phone for social media.

Why is this worthy of a post?

Silly, right?

I met S. Evan Townsend through twitter . Not only is he a phenomenal writer but he also hosts Speculative Fiction Cantina. It's an online radio show on Writestream Network via Blog talk radio.

He sent me a questoinaire. Nothing horribly hard to reply to on the computer. Unless the adapter needed to hook the tower to television decides to play hide and go seek.

I thought I was in deep crap. The cover for Birth of a Vixen and my profile pictures were on that hard drive. The light bulb went on while I was at work. Everything was backed up on my phone for, duh, social media. Thanks to this amazing phone I will be on this show!

That's right. Mark the calenders on your phone and tune in for a big announcement made on the show you will want to hear. Spoiler: It's about the Shadow Faith series.

The Speculative Fiction Cantina showcases authors every Friday.

You can catch it here:

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