Monday, August 11, 2014

Shadow Faith Universe: The Cabal Ministry –Every House Has A Voice

 Any loyal, self-respecting Cabal Ministry member would tell you their sect was the oldest vampire government. It dated back thousand of years, evolving and adapting to the world. Its main purpose was to shield the existence of vampires from mortals; at least that was what any prideful member of the Cabal would say.

In truth, thousands of years ago in India (the birthplace of civilization) the Cabal Ministry was small and started as Ucca sāziśa in Hindu or High Cabal –simple, nomadic tribes. The bloodlines remained pure in by siring only those that would remain within the tribe. There were no Houseless vampires back then because every vampire belonged somewhere.

They spread north into Asia and west into the Middle East and along the Mediterranean Sea; coexisting with humans, shape shifters of all kinds and fae. As the world created order out of primal chaos governments formed. In Greece (the birthplace of democracy) vampires went from small traveling cabals to Ypslị Cabal, and cities were formed. As races flocked together bloodlines became known as Houses. So was true for mortals and fae, their family name or crest was considered their House, this holds true today for royalty.

This was when the first High Council was created. A representative from the seven districts traveled to Athens for peaceful resolutions. This position was given to the oldest, most powerful vampires. If there was a challenge for the honor the position was given to the winner of a trial by combat to the death.

The seven districts, though tried as much as they could, were not equal. Within a district was any number of regions. This depended upon populations, and at that time every race was counted. To maintain order a Primus was elected in each region. He or she spoke directly to the High Council member of their district. At the Primus’ side were a Lieutenant, a sheriff and their deputies, and the regions council. Every House has a Representative.

Unfortunately a shift in the population policy started around the time of Caesar and Cleopatra. The trial by combats led to so many dead that it shook the foundation of the democracy built out of harmony. Supernaturals and humans fought constantly for roles. Due to the nature of how a vampire was made this caused strife. Was a human still counted a human even though the next night they were vampire? Did that change the population count? Small battles became giant wars. The race to defend one’s House, one’s species, grew faster and stronger with each passing year. Today, there were 31 districts across the globe and only vampires counted.

Then came Christ and survival of the fittest took on a whole new meaning. The meaning behind who was the strongest, the wisest and the most powerful had a new contender…religion. Of course there had been religions before, but with polytheism supernaturals were the gods and goddess of the day. This struck the turning point in a vampire-dominated world, when the secrets kicked into high gear and vampires went into hiding.

During Constantine’s rule in the early 300’s the Cabal Ministry took its rightful place and namesake. Rumor has it Aranian Bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia – a distant cousin to Constantine, the very man who baptized him- was a High Council member from the Kaiser House. In Constantine’s final moments, declaring Rome a Christian state he gave the Cabal Ministry the footing required to take control and save their species from extinction. Thus, why the Vatican needed so many underground tunnels, protection from the sun.

The Cabal Ministry ran the Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire. They still fought the multiple were-species and fae, but overall they enjoyed a bountiful existence while still remaining quiet about what they were. Until the mid-late 1600s when Martin Luther rose from the shadows and created what is now known as the Ubilazian Order.

The Cabal Ministry and the Ubilazian Order never really got along. The gaps between the large battles these two monstrous opposing sects had other beings took their shot at power. Though those that stepped up soon regretted it because if there was every one thing both sects agreed upon it was that vampires were the best at ruling, even if they couldn’t agree upon how they should rule.

To this day there are still vampires within the church, but the Cabal Ministry evolved with the times and sidestepped from religion to politics. The transition was fluid with two world wars, a nuclear crisis, a cold war and more infighting than the Cabal Ministry thought mortals were capable of.

For now the Cabal and the Order remain ever vigilant, but peaceful. Until one voice from the Ubilazian Order decided enough with the secrets and the lies and revolted against both sects. No one expected his quick rise, except those who backed him. And they are staying hidden in the wake of his shadow.


  1. Colleen: This is amazingly complex! You're a great world-builder. I'd be very interested in the theological discussions between vampires and Christ-followers on what resurrection and eternal life actually means.... and whether it's a good thing. ;-)

    1. Thanks Paula. That would be a thrilling conversation. Not only from a real life perspective, but also from the character's views. Which will be explored more deeply as the Shadow Faith series continues. There are more sects that delve into other religions, too. I will be posting more about them as we get closer to them making their impact on the books.