Monday, July 14, 2014

Step Into The Shadow Faith Series

From Dracula to Buffy, to Lost Boys to Twilight, vampire cannon is ever evolving. The length of their fangs adapts to the world around them. The two important things that remain constant are a stake through the heart (wood or silver) and blood. Throughout time they’ve been allergic to garlic, religion, and the occasional double decker bus. They’ve been rock ‘n roll stars, politicians, detectives, conquerors, priests, nightclub owners, exotic dancers, sexual predators -both the creepy-call-your-local-law-enforcement kind and the where-have-you-been-all-my-life kind- and even the girl next door.

How does my dark world fair in the culture so inundated with sparkles and black veins and literarily blood dripping from every seam? Over the next few weeks leading to the release of the first Shadow Faith book I will be expounding upon the world Angela Vista lives in. In urban fantasy the city or world is a character, too. Like in real life our surroundings help shape who we are, who we will become. Understanding how the controlled chaos that is her universe unravels allows you to take that next step closer to the characters.

Working from the outside in, we will start by discussing the different sects or vampire organizations. What are the politics of this society? Are they in or out of the coffin? How do they interact with other supernatural beings? For that matter, how does the immortal coexist with the mortal?

Next we’ll move onto the different bloodlines. Are the lines between sire and baby vamp maintained on a sacred family tree document somewhere? Can they all pretty much do the same mystical thing or do certain lineages have powers only they can control? I won’t go into detail about every single House just the ones you should know to fully immerse yourself in book 1. (Unless you want to know them all. Please feel free to let me know via the comments section. I’m more than happy to share.)

Then comes the physical aspects of my vampires. What hurts them? Do they burst like a blood pimple or poof into dust? Can they walk in the sun? Are they all as beautiful and sexy as the likes of the Vampire Diaries or haunt your every move like Nosferatu? What happens when they feed? How does the hunger affect them?

All of these questions will be answered and more. The biggest question you are probably asking yourself is, “What makes Angela Vista, newbie vampire whose been tossed into the middle of a revolution at the start of my Shadow Faith series, stand out?” or in other words, “Why should I care?”

To that I say: All I can do is write a well-rounded, realistic character that pulls you into her new life through pain and love. The first chapter opens with the manifestation of her worse fears. The rest is a rollercoaster ride full of James Bond style espionage, undead revolutionists, and the BIRTH OF A VIXEN.

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