Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where has the time gone...

Was the last time I post really back in March? Holy cow. Well, that's gotta change, like right now. Those of you who follow me on facebook or twitter I promise I'll make this fast. We want to get to the nitty-gritty after all, right?

I've been writing a lot, editing a lot, and reading a lot. [Sense a pattern there.] I targeted BIRTH OF A VIXEN heavily over the last few months. I chopped away almost 15,000 words and added a few new scenes. In order to make room for more punch I trimmed the fat. It reads so smoothly now that one of my beta readers got through it in one sitting. She couldn't put it down. Yes, I did a happy dance after that.

The first DREAM PROPHET draft is complete. It isn't ready for betas, yet, but if anyone is willing to take a look when it is let me know. I usually try to have five people read over what I write before making any mjor changes, outside of grammar.

The family has been busy, too. Mark filmed two and a half movies. We went to the premiere of Blood of Ohma last week. It was a cool old-school 3D movie about Bigfoot. This film is available on Amazon in 2D. The 3D will be up in the next few weeks. Munchkin#4 started kindergarten back in September. Now all of our girls are in school. It's weird to think I have a kiddo in every school in our district, one in high school, two in middle, and the youngest in elementary. I keep telling myself I'm not old enough for this, but my gray hairs say something else entirely.

In life with all the good comes the bad. For those with a keen eye you may have noticed I changed the "About Me" section. It was a small change, but one that still feels like a lead weight sometimes. It once read that I spent my free time with my hubby, daughters, and rescure cats. Skywalker past away back in July. He was a two year old Trukish Van. It seems our trip to Minnesota to film Girl Scout Cookies was too long for him. He died of broken heart syndrome only a couple hours before we were supposed to pick him up. Wow. Months later, simply typing this, and I'm tearing up. He was that great of a cat. There will never be one like him ever again.

Not to leave anyone on a sour note I will add this....Tomorrow prepare for the THEME SONG OF THE WEEK. It will be moved from Facebook to here. This way you don't have to follow a link to watch it. Have a great day everybody. I'm thrilled to be back.

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