Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Putting the pieces together

The last month has been spent tightening all sorts of things. From BIRTH OF A VIXEN to DREAM PROPHET and, heck, even my own body, everything is gelling together nicely.

Angela's tale in BIRTH OF A VIXEN has been a bit bumpy. I realized one scene had to be thrown out, while two new scenes needed written. Tossing out the first wasn't too hard. Though I loved the idea of Angela sucking down a frat boy and getting drunk on his highly intoxicated blood (Tequila!); it did nothing for the plot other than build character development. Which can easily be done in other ways throughout the remainder of the manuscript. Like in the two new scenes. Problem was for as many times as these action scenes were written and rewritten they didn't feel right. Something's missing. I will not rest until it is perfect.

DREAM PROPHET is halfway done. Rhianne's dreams cause her to delve further into her subconscious than she ever wanted. But when the stuff of her dreams enter the real world she has no other choice. Especially when her nightmares are tied to strong of murders. Worse part is that there is a chance she is the killer. And don't get me started on her love life...eek.

As for myself...I started P90X four weeks ago. I weigh the same but have lost inches. Results were noticed in the first couple weeks. Recently I wore a shirt that's been stuck in my closet since I was pregnant with Munchkin #4. She turns five next month. That's an ouch! and a yippee! all at once.

Mark is doing it, too. There are three different style exercise routines: Classic, Doubles and Lean. Hubby is doing the Classic version. Due to my poor heart I'm working on the Lean. And I LOVE IT!!!

Tony Horton, should you read this (though I doubt you will), thank you for creating such an amazing routine and for being a wonderful instructor. You are hilarious and inspiring. *hehe, tippy toes* Not only has this workout help me physically but mentally and emotionally, too. Like you say, "Do your best and forget the rest."

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