Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If Edits Ruled The World...

Then perhaps this would read better.

As a writer, a professional of any kind, (or generally speaking a human being) knowing ones strengths and weaknesses is vital. These attributes are the universes way of maintaining checks and balances. For instance: I am a fabulous cook, but I can't bake. I leave that kitchen category to my hubby. When it comes to writing, I can string prose together that will spring the scene to life in your mind's eye, but my grammar is shit. Okay, my grammar isn't that bad, but it is to me.

Can you tell I've been trapped in rewrite mode for too long?

The trick to maintaining a level scale between these checks and balances is not to hinder yourself. Understand and accept who you are. A lot of you may be new to writing and feel intimidated, or teenagers venting/exploring these ideals, or some one who knows all this and are yelling 'Duh. Colleen, we know. Move on. Don't you ever talk about anything else?' The answer is, yes. The reason I make such a big deal about this is because for the longest time I knew this concept but I didn't live it. Which is key to releasing those creative, confident juices.

So here's a quick little excersise to find your pros and cons. It may sound weird, even -dare I say- outlandish, but try it anyway. You'll get a kick out this. My hand to god. Write. Crazy, I know. Don't worry about grammar or the perfect descriptions or whether or not it makes a lick of sense to anybody other than you. Just Do It. You can read it only once. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING YOU WROTE. LEAVE IT ALONE. Then in one week, meaning Wednesday February 9th, edit it. Tweek what needs fixed, but leave the spontanaity of your creation intact. On the 9th come back to recieve your next task.

(Perhaps there will even be a special somethin' somethin' in it for those who participate. I don't know we can decide that together. If anything, let me know what you would like and I'll see what I can do.)

I'll do this, too. You don't have to go at it by yourself. And do you know why? Because edits don't rule the world.

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