Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Movin' On Up

The past few weeks have been hectic. Which is why I've been away. I mentioned before that we were moving. Well, we did. And I never want to do it again!!!

In the past two weeks my life went topsy-turvy. Mark has been busy promoting his new movie project, 'Girl Scout Cookies'. The time that would normally have gone into helping with the move to internet radio interviews, creating a website, several write ups (both digital and in print), and pushing the Kickstarter and IMDB accounts. This left most of the work for me to finish. Which was fine. It meant I had more control. And since we are both Capricorns control means a lot.

However, on top of setting up all the utilities I discovered that our phone/internet service did not cover our new area. Oh, the agony. That led to a thousand-and-one calls. We didn't have internet access for the first five days at our new residence. Mark spent a lot of time at Barnes & Noble. I unfortunately work nights and sleep days. This is the first day I've been online in weeks. *les sigh*

Also, we are remodeling. Today I finally took a shower at home instead of traveling to my folks' place to use theirs. We do not have a kitchen sink. Nor do we have running hot water in the main bathroom. My eldest does her dish chore in my bathroom sink.

To add a little sunshine into our lives we have taken in a five month old kitten, Smokey. She is grey with white and black tiger stripes. Smokey was rescued by the same woman that saved Skywalker. She is still considered wild. I've been slowly socializing her. After three days she still hisses when I enter the bedroom, where she is banished to, but, Smokey will eat from my hand, has a purr that rivals a motorboat, and loves to snuggle. Her saviour wishes I had enough time to socialize all her rescues.

Now to a more pressing matter...writing. I recently wrote a short story for Mike & Ike depicting the chaos that ensued from their Serbian Film Song. And I'm not the only writer working on the project. Scott Clevenger, Matt Dillion, Walter Cunningham, and Matthew Dray have joined in the fun, too. You can read the shorts at veryamateurishproductions.com

I am working on a website, too, colleenmceuenauthor.com. Like everything else, it is under construction. I pray it will be fully functional by the end of the month...if not way sooner.

Until next time...Dream big. Live large. And love living the dream.

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