Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Through the Eyes of Two Productive Stoners

After a month where anything that could happen did happen -except for what was planned- I bring to you my interview the hilarious Mike and Ike. These two have sparked a cult phenomenon that is rapidly taking the globe by surprise. I hope you enjoy their offbeat (and sometimes ronchy) sense of humor as much as their fans and I do.

Q)Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

A) Mike: (English accent) This is all anyone needs to know. We have always been here.

Ike: We will always be here.

M: We are eternal.

I: Other than that, we enjoy surfin', picnics on the beach, and torturin' Indonesians in our basement.

M: If you want to know more, and I know I do, you won't find anything at all at or OR

I: Won't learn a damn thing.

Q) Was there something that pushed you to critique?

A)I: The review for Sophocles' first play pissed us off.

M: It was boring, there was no humor, and it was in Greek.

I: We knew we could do better.

Q)What do you look for in a movie and book?

A)M: Story structure.

I: Tits.

M: Practical effects.

I: Tits.

M: The ability to construct a sentence.

I: The ability to act.

M: And tits.

Q)Taking into account the fact that you two are the Unoffical Offical Spokesmen for Evil Dead: The Musical and your short film, Surprise, I have to ask: Where does your obsession with zombies stem from?

A) M: Zombies are interesting.

I: Even more so when they do jazz hands.

Q)Do you have plans to make more movies?

A) M: We have many plans.

I: Many movie ideas.

M: And no money.

Q)Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

A) M&I: (Together) Deciding who lives and dies on a global scale.

Q) What is the one thing you have reviewed that deep down you wish you hadn't had to sit through in the first place? And vice versa?

A) M&I: (Together) Napoleon Dynamite.

M: For the best, I have to say Dark Knight.

I: Sex Kittens Go to College.

M: Oh, yes, that's a good one.

Now for some off the wall questions. Not that this Q & A session could be considered normal by any stretch of the imagination. So here we go. First thing that comes to mind. This should be easy for the two of you.

Q)Favorite Muppet?

A) M: The Swedish Chef

I: Rowlf or Beaker when I'm really stoned.

M: So Beaker.

I: Yeah.

Q) Favorite movie and/or book?

A) Favorite Movie: M: The Devil's Rejects

I: Sex Kittens Go to College.

M: Oh, yes, that's a good one.

Favorite Book: M: Hannibal by Thomas Harris.

I: The Sex Kittens Go to College novelization.

M: Isaac!

I: Fine. Anything by Tom Robbins.

Q) Do you listen to music while writing reviews? And if so, what music inspires your muse?

A) M: We listen to a lot of music, but it depends on our mood and/or what we're writing.

I: Can't go wrong with the classics, though.

M: True. Beethoven, Brahams, Chopin.

I: I was talkin' 'bout Rick Dees.



M: And on that note

I: We're done with ya.

M&I: (Together) Namaste.

Thank you Mike and Ike for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer back. I look forward to working with you guys again. Though, I think next time I'm going to sit you down in a public forum to get the answers. Not that the downtime wasn't fraking hilarious. But now I'm worried about random drug tests at work.

And with that I bid you all Namaste as well.

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