Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Author in the Round

Starting May 1st I will be doing interviews gallor. Doesn't matter the genre. Doesn't matter what's been written -whether novel, screenplay, or review. My goal is to give a well-rounded view of the written word and those it claims to do its bidding.

First up will be historical romance author, Tracy Stewart. She has some interesting tales up her sleeves. I was never really a huge historical romance fan until I read her first novel, Destiny's Captive. Now I'm hooked on historicals, particularly hers.

Then will come the infamous Mike & Ike. This obscure duo is known for their unique movie and theatrical critiques. They are the unofficial official spokesman for Evil Dead: The Musical. Not only do they review movies, but made a short film for the Lost Zombie documentary last October. The film can be found on youtube and The Lost Zombie site. Oh, and did I mention I'm in the movie. Silly me. Of course this interview is pending. I may have to help them fill Falcor. (For those that do not understand the Falcor comment check out Mike & Ike on either youtube, myspace, facebook and/or twitter and you'll get the joke.)

The last two guests will be a surpirse. Hint: One will be a great filmmaker. The other will be an author that writes right up my alley. This last interview has skyrocketed the public's perspective of the paranormal.

This next month looks to be a blast. And to think, it all starts this Saturday. Sweet!

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