Monday, March 20, 2017

Different Strokes For Some Day Folks

They say things come in threes. The past six months stayed true to form. Three strokes felt by three different people every couple of months. It was like strokes became Number 1 on Oprah’s Favorite List and she was handing them out to everybody, myself included.

February 10, 2017 I was rushed to the emergency room. My left arm, both legs, neck and face tingled like those bits had fallen asleep and refused to wake up. My chest ached. The room spun. Though I could speak it was slow. They ran me through so many tests that by Sunday they couldn’t run any more because the dye used in the CT and MRI scans had ravaged my kidneys. But that is okay, the diagnosis was confirmed.

Some time in the past I had suffered one or two silent strokes. They couldn’t tell exactly how many because there are two places in my brain that have scar tissue. There is no way to determine if those occurred at the same time or not. The next bit of info makes me feel like Wolverine.

The small vetebral artery in my neck that connects to the main banch in the brain had burst, scarred over, and created a bypass all on its own. With my bizarre sense of humor am I more like Deadpool?

These events have led me to stop saying the phrase, “Some day”. As in “Some day I’ll own a Mustang convertible” or “Some day we’ll take the kids to Disneyland” and “Some day I’ll finish writing the next great American novel”.

Well, I’ve got the Mustang.

We are planning our trip to Disney.

And I am back on the keyboard. My eyes are open. There is no “Some day”. There is “Today”.

What is your “Some day”?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

When To Put On Your Grown-Up Shoes?

Do we decide when is the right time to step into our grown-up shoes? You would think as a wife, mother, and (young) grandmother, I would already consider myself a “grown-up”, but I don’t. An adult, yes, sometimes, when I have to, but I never really considered myself that way.

As an angst-riddled teen I scribbled on my homework. I filled up more notebooks than I could count. In my late teens/ early 20’s I used to journal, still do. Birth of a Vixen’s first draft took about a year to complete. I was 27 years old when I knuckled down.

I have learned so much since then. SO MUCH. That is what I spent most of my time doing. Learning. Researching. Discovering as much about the publishing industry. That is the cool thing about the writing community. The moment you announce you are a writer you aren’t an outsider. The world opens up.

Even as I kept editing, kept tweaking, I spent seven years very slowly growing my brand because I was unsure about when I would put Birth of a Vixen out. I traveled to conferences and conventions. I became a sponge.

Now I wouldn’t pat myself on the back and say I’m any more a grown-up than I was when I started. As I type this I am also watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones, cuddling with River, and dunking chocolate chip cookies in milk. Then again being in touch with my inner child may be just what the doctor ordered.

Which leads me to my announcement. I am an author. I am an entrepreneur. To truly combine the two I have opened a boutique-publishing house: 

The biggest difference about DHP is what we plan to give back to the writing community. You may have noticed a new author name at the top of the page, Kirstin Rowan. She will be posting book reviews for authors outside of the company here. If you would like to have your book reviewed by Mrs. Rowan email with Book Review in the subject line. She will post reviews on Thursdays.

We are not taking author submissions until January after we square away the final details. When we become open to submissions those details will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

In the future we plan on growing bigger, expanding the fandom to levels that would make everyone’s inner child squee.

We are really pumped about this idea and hope you are, too. Please let us know what you think. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We’d love to answer anything to the best of out ability.

None of this would be possible with you. THANK YOU!

~Colleen Tews

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Handling 2016's Final Stretch

As September comes to a close we have to look at the final stretch of months full of holidays and frivolity. October is nothing but candy and costumes. During November we will slaughter thousands of turkeys. December is so full of holidays it may explode from love, joy, and laughter! 

Am I right?

Sort of.

Ask most adults and they will tell you how much they want to bang their heads against the wall from the stress the Holiday Season brings to mind. There is an endless list of things to buy and crap to do. How can we help release some of that tension? 

We need to remember to find time for ourselves. If we don't take care of ourselves first we cannot take care of others. We can't follow our dreams. We won't be able to enjoy the good times. Breathe in the love.

Stop worrying about the fact that you are in the final quarter of the year. It is set. Schedule things accordingly. Don't bite off more you can. If you can't do something now then it will wait until the first quarter next year. That it is how it was supposed to be then. 

As for the holidays...You enjoyed them when you were a kid, right?

Recapture that feeling. Hold it tight. Wake up every morning and recall what it was like to put on your favorite costume, to delve into smooth pumpkin pie coated with whip cream, and to rush into your parents room in the wee hours of morning, jump on their bed, and wake them by pouncing upon them heads shouting Santa had arrived. 

Do you have plans for the holidays? Halloween is right around the corner. 
Dream Prophet: Awakening comes out October 15th Free for our Halloween Special.

Thank you,

Colleen Tews

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Force Awakens A New Hope

What is it about Star Wars that keeps fans begging for more?

TNT ran episodes 1 through 6 all weekend in honor of Mark Hamill's birthday. Starz is running Force Awakens nonstop. DisneyXD has Star Wars Rebels. Rogue 1 opens in December. There are decades of books, the previous cartoon –Star Wars Clone Wars, a roleplaying game, a (gulp) Christmas Special, toys, lunchboxes, clothing line, and the list goes on. All of those items can be found in my house in some form or another.
But, why? I love Star Wars. I grew up with it. My daughters love it. Even River loves it. Unless Emperor Palpatine comes on the screen, then she runs under the bed. Seriously, the first time she did this I laughed my butt off. I laughed hard the second time, too. My husband is the BIGGEST Star Wars fan I have ever met. He has collectibles from the 1970s. Why can’t we get enough?

Is it Harrison Ford’s scruffy, nerd herding good looks? Is it James Earl Jones smooth, but ominous voice? The golden bikini!?! The buns!?! What is it???

It is intelligent without being arrogant. It doesn’t talk down to its audience, heck they laugh with their fans at themselves. And the story is classic.

Lets break down “classic” it gets tossed about easily. Classic, to me, means timeless. I can watch the movies a zillion times, leave the room, come back, know all the lines, and still be enthralled by half-ass watching it.

Luke Skywalker is today’s Hercules without the alcohol. I have heard some refer to the Star Wars Sage as a Space Opera and I can see that. When it came out though I think it gave hope when there was none. Today’s generation has known only war. When my youngest saw Force Awakens, turns to me and said, “I want to be Rey.” I was reminded that it is not a Space Opera, but our generations Greek Myths.

There is a reason superheroes are doing as well as they are doing at the box office. This is why Disney reached for both Lucas Film and Marvel, because they know people need dreams, they need hope. We are begging for A New Hope.

I look forward to your comments below. Whether you are a fan or a trekkie. I love Star Trek, too. So, please no hate mail. Speaking of mail, I am starting a private newsletter. You can fill out the contact info form on my website. I swear on BB8 I will never give or sell any personal information. I worked for a telemarketing company once that bought huge lists and the practice disgusts me.

May the Force be with you.

Colleen Tews